Monday, 17 March 2014

Guest Post: Kirri-Mae Sampson: On going home.

"After this, I was hit (like many) with the realisation that I wanted something a little bit different to what I had. So here I am in my final semester of a Master degree that will help me achieve the things I want."
Kirri-Mae Sampson
On Going Home: Kirri-Mae Sampson

I had no idea what it was to “squee” over something when Ash first mentioned it to me. Turns out I did though, I just didn't KNOW that I knew. Ya know?

I took a trip north to Brisbane recently and the moment my dear ol’ dad met me at the airport and I climbed into his car, I was consumed by the warm and the fuzzy (the first signs of an oncoming squee). From here he drove us back to his work; he’d just ducked out during ‘smoko’ to pick me up. We pulled up in the car park, he tossed me the keys, gave me a little cuddle and a “Nice to see you petal, pick me up at 4:30,“ and back he went to his work bench. No fuss, and no wasting of words. What a dude.

I jumped into the driver’s seat, checked the tank, it was full. I exhaled happily, plugged in the iPhone, cranked the new Beyonce album…yep….and drove myself home. “Home” in this case, being my parents’ and my family home.

I waltzed in to the empty place with my bags and dumped them in the middle of the kitchen because the pantry is always the first stop. It did not disappoint. Full to the brim. I checked the fridge; same story. This is the part of every visit where I side step between the pantry and the fridge, plates are unnecessary, because fresh produce and snacks go straight from their freshness vessel INTO MY FACE. A couple of rice crackers, some blueberries, a sweet biscuit, a peach, a carrot dipped in hommus, some strawberries, three jatz biscuits. At this point my digits were just not enough so there was a quick pivot to the drawer behind me where I was able to arm myself with a fork (it didn't seem right shoving my fingers into the olive jar) and a knife, because there was BRIE AND CAMEMBERT IN THERE! Then I drank some milk. I don’t even know why. It’s like a crazy frenzied state, and then just as suddenly as it began, I was struck with a slight ill feeling in my belly. I assume that was the result of the outrageous combination of goods that were all hanging out in there together. 

I popped the used utensils into the dishwasher, which had the sign “I'm dirty, load me and wash me” on the front, as opposed to the “I'm clean, empty me” sign. I grabbed my bags and back I went to my old bedroom. While the room has long since been cleared of most things that might resemble my teenage self - a new bed with fresh adult-like linen, empty closet, new side tables and lamps - it would have been much more difficult to erase my beautiful (not really), bold (overpowering) feature wall. The smack of deep bottle green that hits your face when you walk in is the result of a can of paint I received (at my request) for a birthday one year. Feature walls. What were we thinking. I fell back on the bed, and napped the next hour away in some kind of food coma. It was glorious.

All of this bliss took place during the first hours of touching down in Brisbane. This weekend back home rocked and I was squee-ing left, right and centre. And here is why; I (like many) did the student thing straight out of school, then I left it behind (like many) for a few years of full time hard work, and a salary that (almost, but not quite) matched. After this, I was hit (like many) with the realisation that I wanted something a little bit different to what I had. So here I am in my final semester of a Master degree that will help me achieve the things I want. It’s been amazing. I have loved almost every moment of it (there are always a few sticky bits). But along with the study, came the student lifestyle, mi goreng noodles, way too much bread and rice, riding my bike because I can’t afford petrol, taking stock of my household possessions and the ones I could part with to pay rent, etc, etc. We've all been there.

The POINT is going home was rad. I know the weather, I know the roads, I know the people, I know the fridge and the petrol tank will be full, I know that the car has been regularly serviced and will start when I tell it to, I know that my mum will probably book me in for some kind of specialist appointment that I've been putting off, and she might take me to the movies. I know that I will see my brothers and their lovers and we will all give each other shit and laugh, Dad will pretend he is indifferent to my presence but we will know this, in fact, is not the case.
This is all stuff. It’s all great. And it makes me squee.

I also make things. 

Insta - @kirrimaDe

[A note from Ash...]

Here are some of Kirri's wonderful creations! She has been super modest about her talents so I felt the need to step in and say something! Be sure to check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop above! 

If any of you are heading to Big Hearted Business this year, Kirri and I will be there so be sure to say hello! Kirri will have a little bag full of her creations for you to buy (she doesn't know that yet but I'll word her up).



  1. I love, love, love this post! It could be because I'm from Brisbane too and I know the 'squee' feeling that comes with going home! Although, my parents are a bit terrible at food, there is always awesome coffee and some new place to go and eat amazing food, and SO many chats about life and thoughts and all the wondrous things in between.

    If there is food, it's brie and elicits a similar frenzied response that Kirri mentioned. Love it!

  2. Hitting the etsy shop RIGHT NOW! Those clouds are TOO CUTE!

  3. Okay that's mental! You mentioned in my comments that Kirri is my doppelganger and I actually kind of know her! She worked at Melko and gifted me a dress to blog about and we ran into each other at Fitzroy markets not long after that. We tend to see each other around in Fitzroy and kind of do a curly haired nod at each other. Mental how small this world is. Also... SHE'S GORGEOUS! Saying she's my doppelganger has literally made my day. xxx

  4. I am happy to host an official curly haired get together... She is indeed one of the most gorgeous and refreshing people I know. Glad you get it. :)

  5. Aren't they!? She's a clever bean.

  6. I totally related to the frenzied pantry raid too. My mum's pantry and fridge are always full of food that I am often either running out of or never have. She has things like blueberries and fancy juice! And never runs out of essentials like honey and Saladas.


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