Reader (aka. You): "So what exactly is The Squee?"

Well dear reader, The Squee is a very special place. A place where one can freely fan-out, FREAK-out even, over things that are great, interesting, funny, creative, quirky, cool, weird, innovative, pretty, delicious, artsy, whatever! 

The word "squee", according to the extremely scholarly urbandictionary.com, means "the cry of the rabid fangirl"... Sounds about right to me.

I am prone to bouts of extreme fan-girlism. I love things and I love them hard. Sometimes just for a little while, a fleeting affair with gingham fabric or a rendezvous with some vintage floral wallpaper. Other times I fall so hard that I am gone for life... Ethiopian food.. That's one of those things. 

You see, there was a time when I thought that loving things was not so great. I thought it made for a selfish and materialistic life... As I've matured (I found my first silver hair recently) I've grown to understand that stuff can be wonderful!! We can strike a healthy balance between loving things and loving people and the things we love can be an expression of who we are. 

The Squee will be my little space for telling you all about the people, experiences and things that I think are great.

Sounds good huh? I think so.

If you think something is rad and would like to contribute to The Squee please drop me a line via the comments tab.

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