Monday, 19 May 2014

The Daily Telegraph thinks I'm a feral and it's making me giggle

I was described as a 'feral' today on the front cover of The Daily Telegraph... well, not me individually, I was just one of a giant collective of ferals. Were you one too? 

Yesterday I was one of 25,000 ferals people who gathered in Melbourne city to protest the budget and call for an election. The Daily Telegraph would LOVE you to believe that the only people protesting were hippy, patchouli wearing, dirty ferals because that would indicate that it is only the seemingly insignificant loony types who bothered to turn up to express their rage at this rotten budget. 

I tell you now, it was not at all like that. I was so proud to stand among an extremely varied, peaceful yet angry crowd of Australian citizens who want change. I walked alongside bloggy friends Carly Findlay and Kerryn Woods... fellow ferals in arms.   

I'm quite keen to let you know that I only saw a couple of what the Telegraph might describe as "ferals" (I did get a whiff of patchouli at one stage mind you) but the rest of the crowd were made up of sensible looking mums and dads with their kids, business people, old folks, indigenous people, people with disabilities, people who were born here and people who weren't. You might even say it was a cross-section of the community, all united by the knowledge that what the Government is doing is unjust. You might say that... yes!

Citizen journalism for the win people! Read the newspaper by all means, but take it with a grain of salt and tune in to Twitter for the real stories.

If you want to get involved in further action please visit

Look at these ferals... they're wearing disgruntled retiree costumes

Carly and I enjoying the gathering of ferals angry people


  1. I'm totally owning the "feral" label, if it means that we care about our kids, our elderly, our poor, refugees, the disabled, the environment and so on, then I'm a feral. It was a pleasure to be in such good company, Ash.

  2. It was super dooper lovely to spend time with you Kerryn. :)

  3. CaraJaneGillespie19 May 2014 at 19:41

    What a fantastic article. Yay for the the citizen.

  4. I wasn't able to make it along yesterday and was EVEN MORE disappointed that i wasn't there to be counted when i saw the cover of The Daily Telegraph! ;)

  5. There will be more opportunities! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Nothing wrong with patchouli, haha! Good on you for going along. This whole thing is absolutely disgraceful and our voices need to be heard/seen.


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