Friday, 27 June 2014

A cup of tea with me...


How are you going today? Is Friday treating you well or are you "meh-ing" through? I made that word up - feel free to use it. I'm feeling really good today actually after making a lovely visit to miss 7's class to introduce the newest member of our family. You can meet him too! His name is Sweep and we are besotted!

Today I am participating in Pip Lincolne's link up so I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and what makes me happy. If you would like to see some of the other link up posts from Blog with Pip students, pop over to and have a gander.

So... about me.. well... tea is very important. Which is why I had to make a mad dash to the supermarket this morning when I realised there was not a tea-bag in the house. All is well though. I'm well stocked now. Stop panicking. What other things are important to me? Community, family, creativity, being able to make a living from doing things I love. 

I am a writer. Until very recently, when someone asked what I did I would say something like this "well... I studied social work but I'm not really working in the field... and I've gone back to uni to study writing and editing... but I haven't really done much writing... oh except for this thing and that thing... and my blog... so maybe I'm more of a blogger than a writer... but I really want to write... I've started writing a book... blah blah blah...." I started this spiel recently when I met writer Toni Jordan she stopped me half way through and said "STOP! You're a writer. You must feel confident and just say it. OK?!"... Ok Toni Jordan... I will.

So... I am a writer. 

I am also a mother and foster mother. My kids are all incredibly ace and I am the luckiest mum ever. I know everyone says that, but it's true. Foster parenting kind of just happened to us when a little girl we were friends with was removed from her home and needed a place to go. We were in the right place at the right time and she's just slotted into our family unit so perfectly. In November it will be three years since she came to live here and we will have permanent care by the end of the year. Ace huh?! Three babes and only two pregnancies. A good deal I reckon!

I have a really tops best pal. She makes me really happy. Her name is Mezz and she is my husband's sister. So I got to become family with my best pal and while there were a few teething issues way back when, I couldn't ask for a better sister-pal aunty for my kids. She's creative, loving and inspiring. You might already know, but Mezz and my other darling sister in law Tarryn make an independent magazine called Hundreds and Thousands which celebrates all things hand made. I think you'd like it! You can get your hands on a copy HERE. She also blogs HERE. And makes music... which you can find info about HERE.

What else? Umm... my mum! She makes me happy. I have been trying to lure her to come and live over the road from me in the house that is going to be auctioned early next month. My mum is just about the most nurturing being you could find, is a super brilliant grandmother and somehow manages to juggle a million (sometimes very hard) things and keep all the balls in the air. I have no idea how she does it. My number one wish for my mumma is for her to remember to nurture herself as much as she does everyone else.... number 2 is for her to come live with me... :)

That'll do from me... I need to get ready to pick up miss 7 from school. Early mark for the last day of term. 

Hope you're having a... 


  1. So much happy in one blog post! I am meh-ing today. Too much to do but my "be-arsed" levels are set to "can't".
    What makes me happy? Travel! And sharing that passion with my kids is the icing on the travel cake. This week is all about budgeting for our next trip.

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Ohh... travel. We have some plans-a-cookin' at the moment for an anniversary/30th birthday get away- just Huz & me! OOH!

  3. omg that little bunny is so fluffy and cuddleworthy! Love your 100s & 1000s cover... bookmarking that for a squizz when I get a mini... :-)

  4. For clarification- It's Mezz's mag. :) Thanks for popping by!

  5. So so much to love here. Good friends! Family! Clever creative people and publications! Mothers! Writing! Tea!! Bunnies! Thanks for making me smile.

    ps. If we ever ran out of tea in our house I think I would actually cry.

  6. I LOVE Mezz!!! I had no idea she was your bestie and sister-in-law. Lucky you! Her mag is the best! Another wonderful post Ashley. Always makes me smile :)

  7. Hi Ashley,
    Found your blog after you posted about Lily Mae Martin, we've known eachother a good few years; and then you popped up again in my Facebook feed through Georgia, who is a good mate of mine, you were in her clip. Been following Mez and Taz for a while. It's a small world and Melbourne is a small town, although i live in Adelaide now.
    Anyway, loved this post, uplifting and your new family pet in just ridiculous cute! X

  8. Loved this Ashley. x (and glad you got that tea emergency sorted STAT)

  9. Yep, definitely a writer. And Sweep is such a cute name for a bunny, I bet the class just loved her visit!

  10. Love that little bunny and what a great name. Hope your mum buys that house-it seems a fun place to be at yours

  11. Ooo lovely cup I Rosie Lee Ashley. Feel SUPA refreshed. I have got over excited about your blog AND hundreds and thousand some time ago, THEN lost myself !!!!!???, forgot what I was doing AND MOVED HOME. So I am happy to report I have finally ordered ISSUE 3 of Hundreds and thousands. yippeeee

  12. Such a cute bunny. Did you name it Sweep after the sooty and Sweep show. I used to love that show. How cool is that, that your bestie is your husband's sister. Jo xx


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