Sunday, 3 November 2013

SQUEE!! Hundreds and Thousands Magazine!

Are you a person that gets inspired easily and has lots of great ideas? Does it feel like you have a new project every fortnight? How about unfinished projects? I certainly have quite a few! I am notorious for getting really excited about something and, after having a go for a while, something else shiny and exciting comes along and I get really enthusiastic about that... For a while... And then there's another thing... And another... Is that you too? It's ok.. 

These two wonderful creative women, Mezz Coleman and Tarryn Carr (who also happen to be my sisters-in-law) have been working hard on an exciting project and they have come up with a wonderful FINISHED product! 

Introducing Hundreds and Thousands magazine! A locally made mini mag celebrating all things handmade! 

The starter issue was released just days ago and is filled with stories, tutorials, recipes and gorgeous photos that make you want to drink tea out of vintage floral teacups and eat delicious cream cakes while crafting up a storm. Of course you'll also be wearing an outfit found at your local (run by a gaggle of old ladies) op-shop and you'll be having a crafternoon with your pals. 

You'll find stories about gardening, grandmas, baking, sewing and craft and each page is lovingly designed by hand - no fancy apps or design programs used here. 

This is a zine that makes me feel happy and I am sure, if you read it, you'll feel happy too. It's SQUEE worthy because not only does this little mag make us feel good, it has also been a very life giving and joyful process for Mezz and Taz. You can grab a copy of the starter issue via the link below.

:: That's me on the left.. And the two cute heads on my right - Mezz and Taz::

You ladies are such clever clogs.


  1. oh you wrote such nice things ash!!! love this new site by the way, VERY COOOOOOL


  2. How exciting to see all their hard work come together! I'll definitely be giving it a read!

  3. Isn't it just?!! It's so great to see creative people getting their stuff out there. Thanks for your comments!


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