Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Post-Easter Catch Up :: A Break Down the Coast

This Easter break has been filled with the most lovely things.

Last Monday we packed up the kids and travelled just a little way down The Great Ocean Road to a seaside town called Airey's Inlet. It's about an hour and twenty out of Melbourne and is delightfully sleepy and holidayish- a little busier than normal on school holidays  but still much lesss rush rush rush than the city.

We go often, staying at my Aunty and Uncle's holiday house and this time we spent our time playing scrabble, feeding apples to the local horses, going on wild and woolly beach walks, watching movies, making and sharing jelly slice, feeding the resident king parrots and reading and crocheting by the wood fire. It really is an idyllic way to spend time and was a beautiful little pocket of quiet family time before life gears up again and term two begins.

We got home on Friday and spent the night drinking tea by the fire outside and preparing for what was to be the most hilarious easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. For the last few years John's parents have hosted the hunt in their lovely big green and leafy back yard but this year we decided we would like to have everyone come to our new(ish) house for cups of tea, hot cross buns and some chocolate-fuelled chaos. It did not disappoint!

I did my usual over catering on both hot cross buns and easter eggs (I can't help it! I'm my mother's daughter!) but no one complained, and the hunt, complete with Benny Hill background music, proved both entertaining and satisfying for kids and adults alike.  Mezz put on quite a show "dancing like no one's watching" which John, in his usual cheeky/hilarious way, filmed and shared across multiple social media platforms. I hid dozens of eggs and a few avocados for Taz & Pete's little guy who is yet to taste chocolate. The kids had a ball. The grown-ups had a ball. It was super fun.

Then to top of an already tops weekend, my mumsy came to stay last night! We did lots of normal things together like folding washing and cooking dinner but it was nicer because she was here and we could do it together. I hope she comes back soon! I love my mumsy.

Today it's back to a sort of normality. Miss 12 is back to school and I have been working and gadding about running errands but I've had my two littlest ones in tow which has been nice. Miss 7 is back to school tomorrow.

How was your Easter? Did you slow down and take a break? What was your favourite thing? Did you binge watch a TV series? OH! We finished Breaking Bad!! That's another conversation all together!

Have a tops day.



  1. Sounds so good! I so need to plan a holiday.

  2. Looks like you got lots of squeezes too!!! Love that fireplace, Flick x

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I felt relaxed just reading it. How good is it to do normal stuff but with your mum? Did you really have Benny Hill music?

  4. Sorry for the late reply Michelle. YES The Benny Hill music was actually playing. It added a certain mania to the whole experience! :)

  5. SUCH a good fireplace. I was a bit worried about starting a bushfire so I was super careful! And yay for squeezes!


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