Thursday, 24 April 2014

#healthsquee... it's a thing!

Well hello there!

I've been feeling quite unhealthy recently.

After spending my 20s on a roller-coaster of eating well, eating crap, dieting, pregnancy, binge eating, dieting etc etc etc I am quite ready to get off. It's not super fun and I've had enough of feeling like rubbish. I completed the Whole 30 recently and for the first time in a really long time I started feeling great again!

It was a timely reminder that food can be like poison but can also be the most wonderful, cheap, accessible medicine you can find. Since completing the Whole 30 I have fallen back into bad habits and have been eating way too much sugar and grabbing foods that fall into the "less healthy" category more often than not.

It has made me realise that I am someone who is really good at doing challenges but really really very NOT good at keeping the new habits going after the 30 days or 12 weeks or however long the challenge goes. So no challenges for me... no thank you..

Today I posted this to Facebook:

I have had a wonderful response from my gal-pals and a nice little network is emerging from my feeling-crapness and while I am not up for any challenges or time-limited programs I really do want to get healthy and feel better and food is where it starts for me. I need to move too of course; but for now, I need to get my eating back on track and to do that I will be documenting my eats on Instagram and hashtagging them with #healthsquee.

If this is something you think would be useful for you, please join me on my healthy adventures and hashtag away!

Do you want to get healthy with me? I'm going to make a regular feature of #healthsquee here on the blog and will be making a little Facebook support group under the same name so stay tuned folks!

#healthsquee lunchy goodness

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