Friday, 23 May 2014

Taking Stock - a mindfulness thing

I just found this picture when I was cruising my files looking for a nice picture to put at the top of my taking stock (with Pip) post. That's my ma... and miss 7. Totes adorbs.

Making : Podcasts!
Cooking : Doing more reheating than cooking after John did a cook-up on the weekend
Drinking : So much tea
Reading: Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke
Wanting: A bouncy dutch Lekker bike like Catherine Deveny's
Looking: Forward to uni holidays
Playing: Puzzles with my wee boy
Deciding: To be positive
Wishing: I could bum around at home in my tracky pants more often
Enjoying: Bumming around in my tracky pants at home today!
Waiting: For Miss 7 and Miss 12 to get home from school
Liking: Making new friends and learning new skills on my second round of Blog with Pip
Wondering: If I should get a new pair of running shoes
Loving: Learning to edit! It's a skill I never thought I'd have
Pondering: What I will go to at The Emerging Writer's Festival
Considering: The Sauce
Watching: Huff on Apple TV but I'm really frustrated that the next season is not there! 
Hoping: That we can have another election and kick that "winker" Tony out.
Marvelling: At the magic of our winter veggie patches
Needing: To rest up before a big weekend
Smelling: The fresh garden type smells wafting in from the back door... and the hay from the guinea-pig cage
Wearing: Trackies!!
Following: Along with Blog with Pip students' podcasts!
Noticing: How talented and generous bloggers can be
Knowing: More about editing than I thought I did!
Thinking: I'm using a lot of exclamation marks!!!!
Feeling: Pretty relaxed today but thinking maybe I should do the dishes
Admiring: People who recognise they need help, get help and fix a problem
Sorting: Out our finances and realising that we spend a disgusting amount on take away coffee- we've decided to only have a couple a week now and make it at home more often
Buying: Not much after we did our budget
Getting: Excited about cool bloggy ideas with Mezz
Bookmarking: The pages of Foreign Soil
Disliking: Political things
Opening: The door to Mezz and the wee girl was lovely today
Giggling: While reading back over my old blog from 2005
Feeling: Unfit but that's ok because I'm starting Operation Move soon!
Snacking: On feta and spinach with Mezz
Coveting: An overseas trip
Wishing: And hopin'... thinkin' and prayin'
Helping: To bring some joy by hiding bulbs in sneaky places in the garden... can't wait for them to bloom!
Hearing: All about how Mr. 3 doesn't ever want to wear undies ever.


  1. Love this Ashley. I'm yet to do it. Lovely to learn more about you lovely girl. I'm a thinkin' we like a lot of the same stuff. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ashley. Might have to give it a go myself!

  3. your 'hearing' made me giggle! And boy doesn't your girl look like you!!! I suffer from the overuse of exclamation points too!!!

  4. Ha! Boys never seem to change that undie-free mentality, do they? I loved reading your stocktake Ashley. Makes me feel like I'm looking through a window on your day, and then you invited me in for spinach and feta with Mezz. :-)

  5. I think you might be right Deb! Thanks for popping in! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Did you do yours yet?

  7. Aww.. You're welcome for spinach and feta any time. :)


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