Saturday, 5 July 2014

Blog Hop! Writing and Things...

I'm fashionably late to the Blog-Hop party but better late than never I say!

Kate from One Small Life has invited me to share with you about my writing and then nominate a few other folks to do the same. I will start by changing this thing up a little bit because I have lots of pals who are creative but may not use writing as their main vehicle for their creativity. I'm going to talk about writing but the people I nominate can do what they like with it - I love hearing about how people get creative.

I've only just begun to feel comfortable saying I am a writer. I haven't had anything major published but I write regularly, I love it and I am studying writing and editing so I finally feel like I can claim it. So here goes!

What am I working on?

Right now I am working on a non fiction book about being a good community. This is a long term project that I plan to develop during my course over the next couple of years. There are also other little things I have been working on too - I just submitted a piece of flash fiction to the Visible Ink Anthology and I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will be published. I also recently wrote a bio for musician Mezz Coleman.

Why do I do what I do?

It all began with blogging for me. I never knew that writing was something I enjoyed or was any good at until I started my very first blog in 2003 to help me find a community to share my weight loss struggles and triumphs. Over the years I have had lots of different blogs chronicling my different life stages - weight loss, prengancy, family, fitness, craft and now this blog, which is evolving all the time. I have returned to my health and fitness blog roots with my new blog healthsquee (It's also in the menu bar up the top of this page).

My blogs have been my companion through my 20s and I really feel they have helped me to figure myself out, expand my thinking and find my people. Through blogging I discovered my passion for sharing ideas and being creative and it has been the catalyst for me beginning an Associate Degree in Writing and Editing, which I have discovered was the missing ingredient in my already wonderfully full life. Creativity was missing for a long time and it's BACK now! Which is just ace really.

So why do I do it? I do it because I love sharing and receiving from others. I have some things to say and writing is my avenue. Writing is easier than talking when I want to get my message across and be understood. I do it because without a creative outlet things can get quite bleak.

How does my writing process work?

I think a lot and make lots of notes. Many of my ideas never come to fruition but some do- after a lot of pondering. I am very undisciplined with my personal writing and blogging but much more organised with professional and uni work. I blog in fits and starts and have lengthy breaks, which over time and with a bit of bloggy maturity I have stopped stressing and feeling guilty about - it's just the way it is. It's my hobby and it's OK if it's inconsistent. If it were my business it would be a different story.

How does it differ from others in my genre?

I really don't have a genre. I hop all over the place and try different things. I am hoping I will look back in ten years and have a couple of non-fiction books under my belt. That'd be nice. That's not a very satisfying answer to that question but in the spirit of being unapologetic about my writing - who cares?!

Meet my friends!

Here are a few really ace people you should go and visit. I am going to ask them to do this task but if they choose not to, you should still go and visit them!!


  1. Ashleeeeyyy - I just LOVE your posts! Writing is easier than talking to be understood. So much truth there! I'm writing a book about community too. Cos community is where it's at!! I'm so glad you joined in with this blog hop. xx

  2. I really must put my washing away while Percy rests, but id love to join in!


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