Thursday, 12 June 2014

I like to move it move it...

Sorry! That song will be stuck in your head now wont it?

This past week has seen me go from almost no exercise to 250 active minutes - mostly walking. I have been a bit distracted from blogging as my energy has been focused on trying to move more and keeping my food under control so I haven't updated the other Yelk and Ash blog either.

Since beginning again to make a concerted effort to get healthy I have dropped 5kg and I can't get over the extra energy I have in the afternoon and evenings that I didn't actually realise wasn't there before. May it continue!

Operation Move- Get Moving* is going really well. Kate asks us to timetable each week in advance so we know what time we have available to move and it has really helped me to see that I actually have more opportunities than I thought. It has also meant that I am trying to find more ways to incidentally exercise and I am getting out of the house on foot a lot more and the kids are being more active by default.

The little guy (3yrs) gets sore legs quickly if I try and get him to walk with me... and he is SLOW! So instead of using this as an excuse not to move when he is with me (which is most of the time) I put the word out on the Inner West Mums and Bubs Facebook page that I needed a jogger style pram and within minutes a generous Altona based mum offered to lend me hers for a few months! How generous! I'm a complete stranger and she just lent it to me. People are good aren't they?! So I've been able to get out walking with the little dude and he loves bouncing along in the "new" pram.

Anywho! Just thought I'd pop in and give this little update and I'll be back soon with some Squee-Worthy content.

*Disclaimer: I am participating in Operation Move - Get Moving for free in exchange for sharing my story with you all. Good deal huh!?


  1. So great you're moving again. Go you, 5 kgs, wow. I've been such a slack arse lately using my 5 month old as an excuse not to go to the gym. must actually try this week. You've got me motivated. Jo xx

  2. yay for the loan of the pram - people really can be good, flick x


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