Friday, 6 December 2013

7 Awesome Crafty Christmas Ideas!

What a fantastic way to use the humble pom. I'm all about pom-poms at the moment. I've covered the shop, the Christmas tree... and the second Christmas tree in them! Click through to see lots more swoony photos. I love them Kate... seriously lovely.

How cute are these?! Click through for a very woolly and colourful FREE tutorial!

How's this for an inventive idea!? Now I'm thinking about all the other things I could do with beetroot!! Click through for a great tutorial and make a beet-wreath of your own!

Lots of good wrapping ideas on this blog. I love this one! Using old patterns is such a great idea as there are lots of crazy 80s puffy-sleeved dress patterns in op-shops out there that will never again be sewn... or shouldn't anyway.

Isn't this just gorgeous?! I'd love to try making a few dying the doilies different pastel colours. So SWEET!

Who cares if we're a few days into advent!? There's no RULE saying you can't make a flippin' lovely calendar on December 6th! Click through to see how this one was put together.

I hope I get a pressie wrapped like this! Click through for more fab ideas and to bless your eyes with some lovely photography... pretty pictures indeed.


Thanks to all you lovely bloggers who allowed me to pilfer your photos for use in this little list. Love your work guys!


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely!

  2. You've got a great wrap up here. Love the pom poms especially! Project for next year I guess ;)

    Oh I just got my pun... Ha!


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