Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A cup of tea with me...

Hello! After a (quite long) hiatus I'm back to bring you more squee-worthy goodness. To kick off the year I am joining Pip's link-up for past Blog with Pip students. I've been trying to add some pretty pictures to make this post a bit more lovely for you but Blogger doesn't want to play ball. Apologies!

Here goes!

1. name, state and a bit about what you do on a daily basis (work/parent/art/etc!)
I'm Ashley, I come from Footscray in Melbourne's inner west and I am currently embarking on a career and lifestyle change after working as a social worker since 2006. I have been accepted into a really fantastic associate degree in professional writing and editing and am super excited to do something really different and have some new adventures. I currently work for a wonderful social enterprise called Green Collect I am also a mum & foster mum to my three beautiful children and I have a pretty ace fella too. Iam also pretty keen on crafty endevours and I have pretty much found my niche in crochet.

2. favourite things to do
I love spending time having fun with my family, singing with my sister-in-law Mezz (Here is something we did last year), making, baking, sharing ideas, telling stories, reading blogs and blogging, finding awesome things and gabbing on about them!

3. favourite place to be

Airey's Inlet. My Aunty Kath and her husband Paul have a beautiful holiday house in Airey's and we have been lucky enough to spend lots of time there. I love the cliff walks and the wild and woolly ocean.

4. favourite things to eat/drink

Mum's canneloni, fresh tropical fruit on a hot day, creamy yoghurt, really good chocolate. I am an unashamed coffee snob too- full fat latte for me.

5. favourite inspirations
As mentioned above- My Aunty Kathryn Ledson who has now written and released two fantastic books "Rough Diamond" and "Monkey Business" after making a massive life change and becoming a witer after working in the corporate sector. She is now working in a creative field, manages her own time around other things she loves and spends lots of time down at Airey's playing with her dog Ella on the beach. Book two has just been released! (click her name if you'd like to buy a copy!).

6. something I want to know more about
Writing and editing... hence why I am going back to uni!! Along with that, how to successfully work freelance.

7. some favourite blogs

Mezz Makes Stuff
Butter and Buntings
Hundreds and Thousands
Meet Me at Mikes (of course)
House of Humble


  1. Yay for another post ash! Xx

  2. Good luck with the writing, sounds like it will be a fabulous ride, look forward to reading about it.

  3. I LOVED reading more about you! Holy moly, it sounds like you've got a pretty full (and exciting!) life. All the best for your studies. I'm a social worker by trade and often think about steering in another direction one day - looking forward to reading more. :)

  4. Love getting to know more about you. I'd love to hear more about being a foster parent, I've always been curious about what it really is like!

  5. That project seems amazing and I'm loving your youtube vids too! Great post.


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