Thursday, 23 January 2014

Taking Stock

Taking inspiration from Pip (once again) here is a little list I made for you...

Making : Friends with new neighbours

Cooking : In my new kitchen
Drinking : Water water water
Reading: Blogs about de-cluttering
Wanting: A holiday
Looking: Forward to Huz getting a job
Playing: With my hair... it needs a cut
Deciding: Where all our stuff should go in our new house
Wishing: For more clogs
Enjoying: The vibe of our new house
Waiting: waiting waiting... always waiting for something
Liking: That I'm back writing at The Squee again
Wondering: About all the great people I'm bound to meet at uni
Loving: How cool the weather is now
Pondering: Changing banks 
Considering: Our savings
Watching: or not... the TV hasn't been moved to our new house yet
Hoping: 2014 is a bit easier than 2013
Marvelling: At the wee man's language and humour
Needing: Rest and time away
Smelling: Sarah Jessica Parker's "Lovely" perfume
Wearing: as above
Following: The clog trend
Noticing: I'm much more in tune with myself lately
Knowing: It will be ok
Thinking: There's too much to think about
Feeling: A bit overwhelmed
Admiring: Emma Dean
Sorting: Out ALL the crap!!
Buying: Only things we need right now and things we love
Getting: On with things
Bookmarking: Room layouts and interesting things.. pinning a lot on Pinterest
Disliking: The Abbott Government
Opening: Emails from old friends is nice
Giggling: At the wee man... a lot
Feeling: Hopeful

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