Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Accidental resolution :: No more bad shoes!

This year I have accidentally made a couple of new years resolutions. I really didn't mean to as I actually don't believe in them, but this year a few general resolutions happened to be made at the beginning of the year.

One is to de-clutter. Moving house has seen to it that I cull ALL the crap, and I've been inspired by the delightfully junk-free spaces on The Design Files and by watching Gourmet Girlfriend's bright and wonderful renovation unfold on Instagram. I'm sure I'll share more about this process in time (if you're interested!) I know Smaggle is doing a crap-clearing/organising series right now if you're keen.

My second accidental resolution has been to get rid of all the shoes that are bad for my feet and gradually replace them with shoes that meet the following requirements:

1. They must be ethically made or second hand
2. They must be good for my feet and body
3. I must love them

I have completed the first step. All the bad shoes are gone. I am now adding to my shoe-drobe and have been fortunate enough to have been gifted a pair of second hand Birkenstock brown felt Mary-Jane's from Taz at Christmas time and I am in LOVE with them. I also found another pair of brown suede Birk sandals with a great ankle strap yesterday for $10 from the local oppy.

I have wanted to try Swedish clogs for some time as I have quite a few friends that rave about them so I started investigating a few different types. Lots of my pals have invested in a pair (or several) of Funkis. You can find information on the ethics of Funkis HERE. They seem to have their bases covered with the timber used being from sustainable sources and they have their factories based in Australia and Sweden, thus ensuring good working conditions and fair pay.

My investigations took me to the Swedish Hasbeens site where I found that Hasbeens are another shoe made responsibly by people, not machines however the price tag was a little bit too high for me so after a recommendation from a friend I ordered a pair of clogs from Lotta from Stockholm. I couldn't find any information on their website about the ethics however, after a bit of searching I found another review of Lotta clogs with the information I was after! Seeds and Stitches did the investigating for me and found out that it is a small husband and wife duo and clogs are made "by three other family businesses all based in the EU, the vast majority in Sweden itself, and all the clog materials are also sourced from within the EU from carefully managed sources" (quote from Seeds and Stitches). The only down side is the leather is not recycled however, along my ethical path I have realised that it is very difficult to find a 100% ethical garment/item- this is something also mentioned on the Seeds and Stitches blog and I agree that some flexibility is important, especially if a business is trying to do the right things across multiple areas.

I really love my Lotta from Stockholm clogs!* I purchased this really great silver pair and I am currently saving up to buy another pair with a lower heel for days when I'm on my feet a lot. 

This also fits in with Pip's "A year of ethical fashion" thing that she's got going on over at Meet me at Mike's- why don't you pop over HERE and check it out.

*I am not being paid to review Lotta clogs... I just love them


  1. Yes the lotta from stockholm clogs are great, so comfy and well-made!

  2. Great post! Having signed up for ‘A Year of Ethical Fashion’ over at Pip’s, I was wondering where I could find shoes that are not second hand but still meet the criteria. Now I know : ) Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

  3. They are gorgeous shoes!! Love them!

  4. Also, check out Etiko for fair trade FSC certified sneakers & thongs/flip flops

  5. Great, I will! Thanks again :)


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