Friday, 28 February 2014

Finding joy in spite of the darkness

Why hello there!

After feeling such a heaviness and sense of despair about the plight of asylum seekers in our country I have decided to try and find some beauty in the midst of the cruelty and I think a wonderful place to start is with the Light The Dark vigils that have been held across the country in memory of slain Iranian asylum seeker Reza Berati.

In Melbourne alone, over 5000 compassionate people gathered together to honour the life of a man that desperately wanted to be an Australian. We stood united with our candles lit and joined with many thousands more around the country to send a clear message to the Australian government that we do not support the current cruel and unjust immigration policies.

I have a lovely friend and neighbour who also happens to be an asylum seeker. Being friends with her, helps me to stay grounded and not get lost in the despair. Just the other night she cooked a wonderful meal for me and about 20 of our friends at a weekly community meal we share together. She gives to our community in such a rich way even though the government thinks she has nothing to offer. Our government says she and her little boy don't belong here but they are here in our lives and we are better because of them.

Another little snippet of joy in the darkness was an encounter I noticed at the vigil. A lesbian couple stood in front of me and as Father Bob Maguire spoke about being free to worship "how we like, where we like and with whomever we choose" the couple looked into each other's teary eyes and leaned in to embrace one another; their relationship affirmed by a member of the church, as I believe it should be. I think I saw healing happen right there. It was lovely.

What have you noticed lately that has made you feel good? Has there been anything in your life that has countered the darkness? I would SO love to hear about it.



  1. Its sad when you have to try find positives as the negatives are so in your face, but they are there. The lovely weather at the moment is peaceful, my relationship with Percy and how we are learning together is definitely a positive and little weekends away finding new places and spending time with my hub and boy.

  2. That's really lovely Taz. In my personal life I too am enjoying spending time with my little boy after such a long period of being apart most days. It's super great.

  3. And yes to the weather! It's super nice today!


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