Saturday, 1 March 2014

Undress Runways Melbourne

Designer: La 'or
Photography: DJZK Photography
Hair: LylaClareMakeup:
Jrich Makeup Artistry with Aveda

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Kirri-Mae asked me if I would like to come along and volunteer at an ethical fashion show. I had no idea what this would involve but in the spirit of YOLO I didn't really think twice before agreeing to tag along.

What does one actually DO when volunteering at a fashion show? I imagined we might be helping to set up or greet people or hand out flyers or something with only a tiny amount of responsibility but when we got there, we were each given a model and we had to DRESS them... DURING the show!!

What a nerve wracking experience! Thoughts running through my mind when being led backstage included but are not limited to the following:

What if I get it wrong? 

What if I put something on my model the wrong way?

What if I tear the clothes?

What if I can't stop looking at the almost naked man-type models?

What if I accidentally touch my model's boobs?

What if I PUNCH her while I'm putting an outfit on her?

None of those things happened of course... well, I may have touched a boob but I'm pretty sure that's par for the course in the runway modelling biz. I was hooked up with the most experienced model and she knew exactly what was going on. Every single outfit looked amazing on her and it made me look like a super good dresser! The pic above is my model. She looks like her dresser knew what she was doing yes?!

Here's a little bit of info about Undress Runways taken from their website:

"Undress Runways is an annual vintage and sustainable fashion event. We challenge you to assess the sustainability of your wardrobe. The runway features established and emerging sustainable designers, as well as vintage labels. Undress Runways will open your eyes to the world of sustainable fashion. Think ‘no-waste’ collections, ethical production, ‘food dyed’ garments, natural fibres, and unique pieces made from off-cuts. Popping up at in a nearby car park, serving organic cocktails and offering nothing but recycle-inspired furniture pieces to sit on, Undress Runways is creating an atmosphere for change." (
The following ethical labels were represented:
Fabled & TrueStudio JUXKoru SwimwearOne ColourSinerjiMake AmendNew Model Beauty QueenNicoTuffys & TuffettsMoonbird DesignsMalamboFare Well Co.DE LORE CoutureHarriette HillMadonna BainCameron & JamesThe Green ShopNeishaProofWeWoodEtikoMooi La CoutureLa’Or 


  1. hahahahahah her smurk shows you touched her boob! I would have panicked too but good job not getting her dress stuck into her undies. Shes far from manly too! xx

  2. Oh! There were other hot and very very not heterosexual men there too. I didn't feel bad for looking. They're so perfect that it's kind of like watching a lava lamp.


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