Tuesday, 6 May 2014

15 Delicious things to do with spinach

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The weather is getting cooler here in Australia (YAY!) and it is the perfect time to plant some spinach! While you're waiting for your seedlings to grow into something edible why not head to your local farmers market and grab a pre-grown bunch so you can try one of these delicious recipes.

Need more convincing that you need spinach in your life? Camilla Cahill (APD) from The Scoop on Nutrition says this about the folic acid that is found in my favourite green:

"Folate, or folic acid, is one of the B group vitamins which help to improve mood and cognitive function. A study involving 9670 participants from the SUN cohort found significant positive association between low folate intake and the prevalence of depression in men. But rather than rushing into supplements, the UK Mind Guide to Mood and Food recommends you go for whole foods first and see a nutrition expert for assessment. I love some wilted spinach on wholegrain toast which provides about 160ug (40% RDI) folate."

Gluten Free Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas - Spinach 4 Breakfast 


Spinach 4 Breakfast share a delicious Gluten Free Spinach and Mushroom Quesadilla recipe

110 Days of Real Food shares a Spicy Potato and Spinach Soup

A Beautiful Mess, the makers of one of my favourite apps, share a yummy Apple and Spinach Smoothie

Tree Hugger shares a SOUPer comforting Creamy Fennel, Spinach and Asparagus Soup

Sailus Food shares a warming Aloo Palak Potato Spinach Curry 

Making Thyme for Health brings us a hearty and easy Lentil and Spinach Soup

Green and crunchy Spinach Burgers from The Village Cook

Ryding to Health shares a wintery Pumpkin, Leek and Spinach Quiche

A Ten Minute Haloumi andSpinach Gozleme with Black Cumin seeds from Ruth at Gourmet Girlfriend

Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking shares her recipe for "Shrek Juice"

Philippa Moore shares a satisfying Garlic Chickpea Spaghetti with Chilli and Spinach 

Emma Stirling (Dietician) suggests putting some spinach on this Perfect Polenta Pizza

A yummy Spinach Dip in a Cobb Loaf from Kidspot

A personal favourite! Spinach and Feta Eggs from Make it Love it

Egg Muffins with Sausage, Spinach and Cheese from Two Peas and Their Pod

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