Thursday, 8 May 2014

Big Hearted Business :: Inspiring Things from Inspiring People

Did you go to Big Hearted Business? 

I heard a few folks saying it was too expensive for them and I get that, (really… please believe me.. I do) however other events of this quality and with such attention to the finest details, usually cost well over a grand. This one was just over half of that for the full priced tickets and I feel I got every cent worth. Sometimes you need to invest in yourself and your craft.

The slogan for the weekend was "Courage, Courage, Nuts and Bolts" and the speakers truly reflected that. There were a selection of speakers who were clearly there to inspire and motivate us into action and it totally worked. I am inspired and I am not just thinking about what I want to do one day, I am actually doing it. I've started writing a book… actually doin' it kids.

There were also really rad speakers whose purpose was to teach us about the "nuts and bolts". They shared info on HOW to make money being creative and get stuff done without ending up in jail for tax fraud. Super useful… thank you!

A few quotable quotes;

Want what you want with no apologies - Dannielle La Porte

If you are worried about balancing and juggling what you're doing, you're not clear on why you're doing it - Fabian Dattner

Just start - Beci Orpin

If you can't say NO, then YES has no meaning - Fabian Dattner

The things you need to STOP DOING are just as important for your success as those you need to start doing - Dannielle La Porte

It takes courage to say that you think you were born to do something that means something - Clare Bowditch

Don't be a tosser… no one likes a tosser - Pip Lincolne

If you are an artist of any kind, you are contributing to society in an heroic way - Missy Higgins

Thanks to the wonderful speakers…Clare Bowditch, Dannielle La Porte, Missy Higgins, Joost Bakker, Jo Walker, Beci Orpin, Pip Lincolne, Fabian Dattner, Kylie Lewis, Corenne Wilkie, Jess Neave, Meridith Fannin, Cathryn Nolan, and Paul Mason. You were all really great.

I'm still processing things so I will more than likely be back to share some more of the greatness but for now my brain is swimming so here's some more pictures.

Delicious, vegetarian, organic yumminess from Silo by Joost Bakker

Kirri-Mae and Me


  1. Yay Ash, thanks for sharing. And go you and your book. awesome!

  2. Thank you! It really is exciting when you actually DO something isn't it?!

  3. ohhh.....i am soooo going to be there next year!!!! how great is that blackboard!


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